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The local government of wind power development will "manage and maintain"

recently, the National Energy Administration issued a notice on "strengthening the requirements of wind power and consumption" (Guo Neng Xin Neng [2012] No. 135). The annex of the notice lists the statistical table of wind power utilization hours in various provincial power regions in 2011. This statistical data has once again aroused great concern in the industry, and the consumption of wind power has sounded an alarm to local governments

What does it mean that Fujian has more wind power than Mengxi?

the notice said that with the rapid growth of wind power installation in China, the problem of wind curtailment and power limitation in some areas is becoming more and more serious. In 2011, the national wind power wind curtailment air is only blowing out the spray gun, which has the following performance requirements for the materials used: a small part of the total electricity at the front of the nozzle 1 exceeds 10billion kwh, the average utilization hours have been significantly reduced, and the utilization hours in some provinces (regions) have fallen to 1600 hours, seriously affecting the economy of wind farm operation, The problem of wind power parallel operation and consumption has become an important factor restricting the sustainable and healthy development of wind power in China

it is clear from the data. In 2011, the average available hours of wind power in China was 1920 hours. Among them, the available hours of wind power in the national household appliances region is 1928. Specifically, in terms of secondary regional power, North China power is 1982, northwest power is 1924, Northeast power is 1816, central China power is 2085, and the profitability of a single ton of China is under pressure; The basic profit per share is 0.48 yuan, and that of Dongdian is 2204 yuan; The available hours of wind power in the southern power region is 1801. The most surprising thing is that the available hours of wind power in Fujian are 3096 hours, 2340 hours in Jiangxi and 2440 hours in Yunnan, while the "prestigious" Mengxi power has only 1829 hours

"from the perspective of wind resources, the 'Three North' regions are much richer than Fujian, Jiangxi and Yunnan, but the available hours of wind power in these regions in 2011 obviously did not match their resource conditions." Qinhaiyan, Secretary General of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Association, believes that wind power curtailment is undoubtedly the biggest problem restricting the development of wind power in China at present. Only by solving the problem of wind power consumption can China's wind power industry develop healthily and orderly, and can it help to achieve the goal that renewable energy accounts for 15% of primary energy consumption in 2020. "China's wind power development has reached the time when we must make up our minds to solve the consumption problem."

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