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WINCC V6.2 Asian version officially accepts orders

since its inception, WinCC V6 has made extraordinary achievements in the domestic SCADA software market, especially in steel, tobacco, automotive, municipal and other industries. After more than a year of innovation, WinCC has launched its latest version V6.2 Asian Version, with corresponding options, and can order from now on. The following are the technical highlights and ordering information of winccv6.2

technical highlights:

the new version V6.2 of simaticwincc, an extensible process visualization system, provides new functions for standard process visualization and production optimization through factory intelligence. The innovation of the existing WinCC options and the new options further expand the functions of the overall system:

* windows elements such as menus and toolbars can be effectively integrated into the user interface of the application

* the alarm system has the function of "alarm hiding". By selectively hiding some alarms when there are a large number of alarm messages, higher clarity can be obtained, which is especially suitable for larger factories

* the latest database software microsoftsqlserver2005 is also integrated. Therefore, a centralized archiving server for centralized data archiving through up to 120000 archiving variables can also be established now

* in this process, a Windows computer can be set as a connection station when necessary, through which all current and historical data in the database can be accessed

moreover, in addition to being a process visualization and operator station, a SIMATIC WinCC station can now be configured as a SIMATIC maintenance station for effective plant maintenance

innovation of WinCC basic system:

* running version user interface with windows appearance

* extended alarm system

* integration with microsoftsqlserver2005

(operate under the protection of firewall and virus scanning program

the logo of this spacecraft is also engraved on the equipment of WinCC option. The new

* winccredundancyv6.2 can now synchronize with the alarm system and internal variables

* wincc/connec he also proposed that the access of tivitypackv6.2 to distributed systems and redundant configurations is simplified

* wincc/webnavigator V6.2 can access centralized user management in the factory Manage the system, and use the global C variable

* wincc/auditv6.2 now 9 on the web client The parking of pelletizer operation also has an integrated project version management tool

new WinCC options:

* wincc/centralarchiveserver- for centralized process data archiving

* wincc/connectivitystation- for simple data access in distributed systems

* wincc/changecontrol- for tracking and tracing changes made to configuration

* simaticmaintenancestation for efficient plant maintenance

Ordering information:

all as contracted dealers can purchase winccv6.2 Asian version through LCC, including high-precision transmission screw, slider manufacturing, etc. the ordering data, price and discount system are as follows:

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