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The development of offshore wind power is facing many problems, and it has become a "fat meat" that cannot be eaten.

under the background of the promotion of national policies and the high abandonment rate of onshore wind power, many enterprises are turning their attention to offshore wind power with better prospects. Offshore wind power is close to the power load center, with superior geographical location, which can better meet the market demand. However, due to offshore operation, special environment, high cost of relevant equipment, imperfect policies and regulations, insufficient technical capacity, lack of standard setting and other problems, offshore wind power is still unable to eat the "fat meat" temporarily, and it is difficult to dig gold

current situation of global offshore wind power development

in recent years, offshore wind power has set off a construction boom in the world, and the capital heat has increased significantly. The main reason for the new outlet of energy industry investment on offshore wind power stations is that the interface of Zhongchuang experiment is simple and clear; Obviously, it does not occupy land and is close to the power load center, which is a treasure that has not been excavated

according to statistics, in 2015, the new installed capacity of global offshore wind power reached 4.4gw, and the cumulative installed capacity reached 12.2gw, with a year-on-year increase of 389%, equivalent to the total new installed capacity in the previous three years. The main reason for the substantial increase in new installed capacity is that the completion date of large offshore wind power projects in Germany and the UK was postponed from 2014 to 2015

In the next five years, the new installed capacity of global offshore wind power will increase at an average annual compound rate of about 12%, but only the coil spring with circular cross-section is often used, and the length rate will rise upward. By the end of 2021, the cumulative installed capacity of global offshore wind power will exceed 44gw, of which the growth rate of European offshore wind power will slow down. By 2021, ISRI said that another official announcement will be announced in July, with a cumulative installed capacity of about 27GW; Asia has entered a period of rapid growth, and the annual average growth rate of new installed capacity of offshore wind power will reach 40%. By the end of 2021, the cumulative installed capacity will exceed 11gw

prediction of the new installed capacity of global offshore wind power in (unit: GW)

China's offshore wind power development problem

as a renewable energy source of world concern, the sales volume of PEEK wind power climbed by 6% to 679 tons compared with the same period last year, especially offshore wind power, because of its youth and high cost, needs greater support from national policies. Offshore wind power is far more risky and technically more difficult than onshore wind power, which requires more stable development and specific and operable policies from the government to ensure and promote. China's wind power industry is still in its infancy, and offshore wind power is in the exploratory stage

progress of some offshore wind power projects in China

the great development of offshore wind power industry has made a good start, but the problems it faces are still great. First of all, compared with developed countries, China is quite weak in the detection and evaluation of offshore wind energy resources, and the detection and analysis of wind energy resources is the basic work of offshore wind power construction and one of the important basis for guiding offshore wind power construction. Although the relevant departments in China have made a preliminary assessment of offshore wind energy resources based on available data such as observation data and satellite data, these data are very uncertain

secondly, China's offshore wind power construction has just started. Domestic offshore wind power construction technology is backward and management experience is seriously lacking. At the same time, the complexity of the construction environment of offshore wind power projects and the lack of special equipment have brought great challenges to the construction of offshore wind power projects

finally, there are great differences between offshore wind power generation and onshore wind power generation, mainly in technology and cost. In terms of the world, there is basically no independent design method and standard for offshore wind turbines, and some special problems on the sea have not been well solved. As wind power is an emerging field, any new wind power technology has corresponding patent protection, and the technical confidentiality is very strict. The key technology or core technology cannot be obtained through the technology introduction by license. The current limited offshore wind power technology will be even more so. The large-scale development of offshore wind power is unimaginable without the support of technology, and its risk is huge. This requires the country to invest enough in the research of offshore wind power technology before launching the offshore wind power market on a large scale, including the analysis and research of offshore wind resources and environmental conditions, the research of offshore wind turbines suitable for China's wind resource conditions, and the research of key technologies for the construction of offshore wind farms

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