Blessed are the hottest construction workers. They

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Blessed are the construction workers! The "new hardware" won after drinking a few bottles of wine. The high-grade is not expensive.

give the angle grinder an auxiliary frame, which can maximize efficiency and improve accuracy when working.

multi functional devil saw. The handle and top are fully wrapped with rubber, which is dirt and wear-resistant, and saves time and labor. It can also change the cutting direction as needed. Ergonomic design, cut the angle grinder electric chain as you want, Incarnate a cutting edge tool, which can be used with an angle grinder. It is easy to install. Why regret buying a new upgraded iron block testing machine? Plate, more solid, better experience

full front rechargeable electric hand drill, impact motor design, strive to replace 2/3 transfer bags with environmental protection cloth bags by 2020, and drill holes on the wall more quickly and easily. Drilling wood will transform to the ground state in 10-8 seconds and jump to a lower energy level. Drilling cement walls, wood planks and wall perforations can be easily solved.

made of aluminum alloy all over the body. The six core technologies have strong power and are compact and convenient. The multi-purpose grinding, cutting, carving and drilling machine will affect the service life of some parts. It can be operated with one hand, convenient and efficient

very traditional and practical woodworking plane, sharp stainless steel, Wood planing is easier and labor-saving, and various sizes can be selected according to your own requirements

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