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WINCC green tour was held in Beijing in August. Following the SIMATIC EMS training week from June 27 to July 1, WinCC green tour was held in Beijing from August 2 to 3. This green trip is a basic technical training for SIMATIC TA and powerrate energy management software for system integrators and customers. The number of participants is about 30

the training was kicked off in the welcome speech of Ms. Liao Yan, WinCC product manager, which should be carried out according to the needs of users. Experts from the technical support department generally introduced Siemens SIMATIC energy management and made a vivid case analysis. Then, for SIMATIC TA software, experts elaborated on its system functions, energy analysis examples, user management and project architecture examples, as well as energy prediction and planning

the training topic after that is SIMATIC powerrate software. The training content is SIMATIC powerrate S7 function block, panel, SIMATIC power. Start the instrument and automatically stop the rate debugging steps after 500 or 1000 revolutions, as well as report and load management. During the explanation, on-site experimental operations were also arranged to help customers experience these two energy management software more directly, so as to have a detailed and in-depth understanding of their excellent performance and efficacy

this WinCC green trip has been a complete success, which has played a good role in promoting the promotion and development of siemens energy management software. At the same time, it also meets the needs of system integrators for energy conservation and consumption reduction, and provides them with more choices to improve product competitiveness

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