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Space 3D printing will change space exploration

when I was a child, I saw science fiction and science fiction movies, which talked about space colonies, where human beings no longer have to live on earth and can live freely on many planets

however, although it has been more than half a century since human landing on the moon, and the speed of technological development is also accelerating, the exploration of space colonies has stalled. The biggest difficulty is that it cannot be produced in space. It only depends on rockets, but what are the manufacturers of tape stripping force testing machines? For example, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a powerful manufacturer of stripping force testing machine. The tools brought by it simply cannot complete this task. However, the development of 3D printing technology will bring opportunities to achieve this goal. Mike Chen, chief strategy officer of made in space, recently wrote an article on Forbes to explain this trend in detail

as a manufacturer of 3D printing 8, building and regional environmental vibration, E in space on Mad1 only produces machines used in space, and cooperates with NASA to send the first 3D printer to the international space station next year. This will bring made in space a supreme honor: to become the first company to make things outside the earth

space 3D printing will change the process of space exploration. The current situation of space exploration is to make all the necessary tools first, and then launch them into space with rockets, which leads to many limitations. First of all, the cost of launching items is very high. The price of a pound (453 grams) is about 10000 dollars. Although the cost has been falling, the size of the rocket is so large that the volume of items you can carry is very limited

secondly, gravity plays a role of interference. Objects need to bear a large amount of overweight pressure during launch, and enter the zero gravity state after entering space. Working in this state is completely different from the state on earth. Therefore, before launching, it needs to be tested repeatedly to adapt to multiple environments, which is not only expensive, but also long cycle

more importantly, once it is launched, it is not conducive to long-term competitiveness and cannot be changed. Only work within the scope of calculation can be done in space

but with a 3D printer, it's different. Because the whole work is carried out in space, the generated objects naturally adapt to the environment, and the performance will be better. This may mean that the current systems for space on earth, including satellites and space stations, may be broken, and many things can be better replaced

in addition, the benefits of space 3D printing include saving materials, rapid prototyping, reducing costs and transportation complexity, and greatly expanding the scope of space experiments. For example, when you need a special tool, the 3D model designed by the earth side will be sent to you, and it will be printed out soon

due to zero gravity in space, 3D printing products will be more beautiful, but if these things are put on earth, they may not even support themselves

due to the difference between the earth and the space environment, it is not easy for made in space to find such a 3D printer. It is not only necessary to ensure that the 3D printer will not be damaged during the launch process, but also to work normally in the special environment of space

the principle of 3D printing lies in the stacking of materials, which are gathered together through very fine liquid, and then cooled to shape, which is feasible on earth. However, in space, these materials will not stick together after being sprayed, and they are likely to splash everywhere and cannot be made into a piece at all

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