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Southwest Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong's short-term shock is mainly wait-and-see

today, Shanghai Jiaotong's shock rose, with the main month of 0811, the highest intraday 22925 and the lowest 22380, and closed at 22790 in the afternoon. Japanese rubber closed higher at noon today, driven by short covering, but the market can reduce the demand for energy by 20 (2) 5% in the United States. If the injection molding must be carried out in the high-temperature section of mineral oil with medium viscosity in the recommended temperature range, the prospect is still weak, and the growth of Japanese rubber will be limited. At present, the strength of domestic spot prices has provided support for natural rubber in recent months. The quotation of synthetic rubber has not decreased with the recent sharp decline in crude oil, and the price has remained high. The main month saw some buying support below 23000 after a sharp decline in the previous period, but the overall situation of Shanghai Jiaotong is still in a volatile downward pattern, and the market has been repeated in the short term. It is suggested to wait and see for new trading opportunities in oil ports

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