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According to Xinhua news agency, astronauts of the international space station operated the space robot Dextre for the first time to "wave" the newly installed simultaneous manipulator 2 The characteristics of the tension machine have passed the inspection. Astronauts on the international space station will walk in space again on the evening of May 17 The environmental experimental facilities should also be protected and maintained regularly to install more components for Dextre

the associated press said on the 17th that the Dextre dual arm robot designed by the Canadian Space Agency passed the inspection of the braking device under the control of astronauts, and only the braking device at the wrist joint of the left arm had a small deviation from the set position of the engineer. However, experts don't care much about it. Pierre Jean, project manager of the Canadian Space Station, said that in the long run, this would not have a huge impact on Dextre. Astronauts Richard Lenahan and Robert benken will carry out a spacewalk on the evening of the 17th. Due to the particularity of the fixture of the experimental machine and the continuous emergence of new materials, the design of the fixture has been in a passive situation. We will encounter new material installation tool sets and other parts every day. These accessories can facilitate astronauts to repair the space station in the future

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