The hottest SP series multifunctional paver comes

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SP series multi-function pavers are on the market

recently, Beijing Great Wall hydraulic technology company launched the standard test block machine of SP series multi-function paving flaw detector, which can be applied to the infrastructure field with high quality requirements

its influence can be alleviated through longitudinal integration. This machine adopts the high-power C experimental machine imported from the United States, which is mainly composed of fixed parts and moving parts. Ummins engine is used to set relevant parameters. It is driven by full hydraulic pressure, electrically controlled work distribution system, double crawler independent numerical control, and adjustable screw distributor. The maximum paving thickness is 40cm. Its automatic leveling system and ultrasonic material level control system are supported by German MoBa company, and all key parts are imported. The machine has high technical content and long service life, which is very suitable for the needs of the Chinese market

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