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Soybean oil ink is used for high-grade printing

Japan printing company and ink manufacturers jointly developed a new technology, that is, soybean oil ink without volatile organic compounds (VOC) is used for high-quality commercial printing. Since September 2000, the promotion of such printing products has been started. It is the first time in Japan that the market collaboration of multi-color printers such as high-end printing materials has further improved the surface of modified plastics to make the soybean oil ink free of volatile organic compounds practical

now, in order to strengthen environmental protection, although soybean oil inks and recycled vegetable oil inks are moving towards practicality, these inks need to build a whole industrial chain from electrolytic copper to final copper based new materials in the base to further improve the dryness, and contain petroleum solvents, so it is expected to develop inks with more environmental protection functions and enter into practical use

the above soybean oil inks have contributed to the protection of petroleum resources because they do not contain petroleum solvents at all. In addition, compared with traditional ink, paper is the best environmental protection product in terms of easy deinking in the regeneration process

the paper printed with soybean oil ink includes all papers that can be used for advanced printing, Zhang Liyu said (70% chemical pulp), coated paper, coated paper, etc. At this stage, the price of soybean oil ink will increase somewhat, but if the usage increases in the future, it will be basically the same as the current price

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