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Professional maintenance of Doosan integrated service inspection vehicle "on-site service"

professional maintenance of Doosan integrated service inspection vehicle "on-site service"

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with the continuous implementation of doosancare activities, "professional maintenance" on-site service activities have been unanimously recognized and praised by customers because they are closer to customer needs. It was midsummer, and the scope of doosancare activities also listed the southern region as the service focus, and went to Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangdong and other places to comprehensively test the local R & D network Doosan excavator, which will form close to China and the Asia Pacific region, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment

in the summer in southern China, higher requirements are put forward for the use quality of excavators. In order to be closer to customers, Doosan service personnel pay more attention to the filtration and maintenance of oil products in addition to the daily spot inspection of equipment. At the same time, they do not forget to check the air conditioning and radiator system, so that the operators can work in the cool cab, which can reduce fatigue and improve operation efficiency to a great extent

customer boss Wang, who owns 4 sets of Doosan equipment and 11 sets of Shengang equipment, is mainly engaged in mine operations. Although several sets of Doosan equipment have been out of warranty, Doosan comprehensive inspection vehicle still carries out on-site service, filters the oil in the hydraulic system of the equipment, and takes samples after filtration to compare the oil filtration effects, so that customers have a more intuitive understanding of the oil filtration system of the equipment; The service staff also cleaned the air-conditioning filter element, radiator and air filter element, explained the daily maintenance benchmark of the equipment to the driver, and gave maintenance manuals. Doosan special our products are all "cartoon version" maintenance manuals printed in one workshop and one series, which are simple and clear, and are highly praised by customers

the "door-to-door service" of Doosan's comprehensive testing car allows customers to get a closer understanding of Doosan's value-added services. The customer said: Doosan's equipment has great power and strong excavation power, which is very suitable for mine operations. In particular, he is very satisfied with the service of this comprehensive service testing car. The PSPP maintenance bag he bought before is very preferential, and is still in use, and will continue to buy in the future; The customer is considering replacing all Shengang equipment with Doosan, and believes that Doosan's high-quality service can strengthen boss Wang's confidence in purchasing Doosan equipment

in 2015, Doosan comprehensive testing vehicle has passed through Sichuan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Fujian, Hebei, Shaanxi and other regions where the 10 hour temperature fluctuation shall not be greater than ± 0.5 ℃, providing value-added and efficient services for the equipment of hundreds of customers. Doosancare's "professional maintenance" and "expert accompanying" series of activities, according to different customer groups and needs, formulate differentiated service activity plans to maximize customer needs and solve equipment problems, which is the most direct embodiment of Doosan's "customer-centered"

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