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Professional solution for graphic simulation printing of water draped surface

the concept of water draped transfer: the full name is simulated surface draped water transfer, which decorates all the surfaces of the substrate, covers the original appearance, and carries out decorative printing for individual substrates (three-dimensional). Principle: the specially treated polymer film is printed with a gravure machine, flattened and activated in a magnifying water tank, and then the pattern is evenly covered on the surface of the watermark by using the principle of water pressure. This printing process is called a revolution in printing technology, which is developed, popularized and industrialized in China. 5 According to the punishment, there are mainly general-purpose machines (universal machines), and the production of special machines is only a matter of nearly a decade

water covered transfer process

with the economic tension of people in aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and other household property mediation and upgrading. 1. Printing of transfer film

use gravure printing on polymer film to print the required graphics and texts

2. Spray primer

spray different colors on the substrate as required, such as: wood grain - often brown, earthy yellow stone grain - mainly white

3. film extension

put the transferred film image and text upward, lay it in the water, and wait for it to be flattened

4. membrane activation

use activator to spray evenly on the image and text surface, so that the image and text activation is separated from the base membrane in a free state. Activator is an organic mixed solvent, which can quickly dissolve the base film without damaging the layer

5. Put the substrate close to the activated thin film, which has a wide range of applications. The image and text layer will be slowly transferred to the watermark. Pay attention to the water temperature, and the transfer speed should be uniform

6. water washing

take out the substrate and clean the residual film and floating layer on a special cleaning machine. Pay attention to adjust the water pressure

7. Drying

should be carried out on a special dryer, and the temperature and speed should be adjustable and controllable

8. spray protective film

solvent based varnish should be mixed with hardener, and different substrates are different

information source: the shoe material heat resistance testing machine of silk Jinan experimental machine factory is mainly used to test the physical properties of shoe sole materials that are resistant to high temperature

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