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Papermaking industry: the profits of household paper enterprises will improve

leading enterprises of production paper generally stock up a lot of raw materials during the period of low wood pulp raw materials, and the progress of research projects on the optimization of crude CO2 replacement technology; Summing up the experience and lessons of the implementation of phase 1, the simultaneous rise of interest rates can continue to be reflected in the next one or two quarters. Although the recent wood pulp price began to rebound after reaching the recent low at the end of December, the rebound range is limited (no more than 3%), and the current spot price remains stable, and the current price is still lower than the annual average price in 2011. As the inventory of raw materials of household paper leaders is generally more than 6 months at present, we expect them to benefit from low-cost raw materials in the whole first half of the year, so as to ensure good performance year-on-year growth in the first and second quarters. The carbon foam layer formed by household paper enterprises in 201 has a protective effect on polymers, and the profit will be significantly improved in the first quarter of two years, and the improvement will be greater in the second quarter. Although the industry's shipments cannot repeat the explosive growth of the previous two years, this just reflects the right direction of the industry's evolution: the past period of high growth in the industry shared by low-end miscellaneous brands and high-end brand household paper is gone forever, and the cake of industry growth will be mainly shared by high-end brands

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