Professional photographers are in love with drones

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Plant grass! Professional photographers have fallen in love with drones, and tell you three reasons to buy

planting grass! Professional photographers are all in love with drones. I tell you three reasons to buy them

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original title: planting grass! Professional photographers are all in love with drones. I'll tell you three reasons to buy it.

a few days ago, Dajiang updated its portable drone Yu 2, and its professional version even brought hassu's lens. This may be the first hassu for young people. For example, when we used Nokia before, we felt the charm of Carl Zeiss lens. No digression, why did the press conference of a drone cause the vibration of the photography circle? In fact, many photographers have fallen in love with drones long ago. Why is this? Now let me tell you:

first, open a new perspective and make more compositions - most of our daily photos are taken on the ground, so the perspective is very limited. The content of the photos is similar to that of others. Take photos to show everyone the same. So many photographers who love scenery began to climb the stairs, that is, to shoot on the roof or roof of the city, which can have a bird's-eye view of the city. At this time, people found that when the plane reached a certain height, there would be a different shooting experience. But the problem is that not all buildings can go up and down freely, and buildings may not be able to go up. Even if you go up, you may find it difficult to put a tripod or there are railings in front of you. In short, it is not conducive to taking photos. In addition, climbing a building may be a long and arduous process, tiring or unsafe. At this time, you will find that the UAV can actually meet your needs, and its work efficiency is high. It can fly anywhere you think of, except for the no fly zone according to the regulations, and there is no limit to the composition of your photos that were originally made of pc/abs polymer. This greatly improves the space for creation. Isn't it great

second, the image quality is getting better and better, and photography is a little expert - if there is no limit to the composition of the stand, what about the image quality? In fact, one of the most concerned points of professional photographers is image quality. The sensor CMOS of the first UAV manufacturer led by Dajiang is almost as small as or card machine. It is conceivable that the picture quality is barely strong during the day, not to mention the night scene shooting. But in recent years, we have seen a qualitative leap. The sensor area has reached one foot, and then there is M43. Even now, the flagship product is the size of APS-C frame. More professional fields also have a full picture. Not only that, the lens is also advancing by leaps and bounds. From the fixed and non replaceable lens, it marks that after three years of hard work by the technology center, production center and participating units, the phase II ethylene glycol project, which has attracted much attention, has officially shifted from the project construction stage to the trial production stage. From the beginning to the replaceable lens, it can even be zoomed. You can choose all kinds of lenses. Are you satisfied with this kind of image quality and lens

third, the operation is professional and the function is becoming more and more perfect - the machine also supports professional manual exposure, and the aperture, shutter and ISO we are familiar with can be adjusted. Due to the relative stability of its flight, it can even be exposed for a long time. Of course, it can't be too long. Another magical function of the newly released Royal 2 is "mobile delay photography". Many photographers like to take time-lapse photography. But mobile time-lapse photography is relatively complicated and troublesome. The new functions launched this time can be completed automatically. Of course, this is only one of many interesting functions. There are many other functions worth trying. Don't you try them yet

UAV can be a good supplementary equipment for photographers, so more and more people like it. Although the endurance is still not enough and the price is slightly higher, we have reason to believe that it will be better and better in the future. What do you think of drones? Did you buy it? Will you buy it

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